GTEN Ball Screw Technology was established in 2004. GTEN owns a
          manufacturing plant of 4000 square-meter in Taipei, and keeps on
          moving to the goal of developing highly precise rolled ball screw. Currently,
          GTEN holds the technique of manufacturing ball screws with C5 grade in JIS
          Standard. We have been serving the patent productions qualified as the
          worldwide famous brands, at a very competitive and reasonable price.

          All our products are patent with our own design by our R&D team, and
          branded in the worldwide market. GTEN is successfully marketed to various
          countries around Europe, Asia and America. With the outstanding team and
          a heavy investment of R&D, we have been winning a great reputation and
          sales overseas.

          With the leading of profession and great experience by our general manager,
          Mr. Levite Lee, we have been constantly upgrading not only our equipment
          but also the quality of manufacturing. In the meanwhile, our effort on carving
          out GTEN’s fame in the market, which makes us moving to the top position of
          ball screw manufacturers in Taiwan, is significant.

        Operation vision   
              The goal of personnel in GTEN
                         ◎ Good Product
                         ◎ Good Quality
                         ◎ Good Service
                         ◎ Good R&D
                         ◎ Good Efficiency
                         ◎ Good Ability
                         ◎ Good Collaboration
                         ◎ Good Management
                         ◎ Good Communication
                         ◎ Good TeamWork

               The requirement of reliability is the main trend of the future market.
               Therefore, with a complete strategy of operation, GTEN’s further steps
               are to carry out the full control of quality, the upgrade of product level.
               On the other side, we focus on the quality, which includes, improvement
               of product reliability, design maturity, completeness of service satisfaction,
               and move on to the best of them.